The club has a fleet of dinghys used primarily for sail training

Lasers, Optmiists, o9o's, Mirror and Enterprise's

Use of these boats in included in the sail training fee's.


At other times. competent members may arrange to use the boats at a cost of R100 per day plus R200 refundable deposit.

Fee & deposit must be paid in CASH to caretaker in advance.

These charges do not apply to Coaches who are part of the Youth Sailing program and have done coaching in the current year  - they may use the boats and do additional coaching anytime.


You would need to have participated in club sail training, have a sailing certificate or otherwise convince the club that you know how to handle and care for the boat.  You must pack away the boat and return all parts to the keep - show this to the caretaker who will then refund your deposit.

Note you a still liable beyond this for any breakages - please take care.