Sailing Members should also be members of SA Sailing.

Paid Up SAS membership is essential if you want to participate in Sailing regattas.  There are many advantages in terms of access to training and information on Sailing.   You are also supporting the sport in South Africa.

Please let us know if you pay your SAS levies directly, otherwise the club will collect the levies from members and pay over to SA Sailing.

Latest info from SAS including 2023 fees can be attained at including updates to the membership collection fees, an extract of which is available below:

30 Nov 2022
Dear  Commodores

Membership fee collections 2023
With Operational savings and the Covid-19 pandemic now behind us, SA Sailing has absorbed additional costs and has not applied any increases now for last 2 years. This now sees all Clubs now on the same rate, regardless of their yearend dates. SA Sailing can no longer continue to absorb inflation and as such the SA Sailing Council have agreed to implementing a 9% increase effective from 1 Jan 2023 and thus keeping ALL clubs on at the same rate.

The Annual Subscriptions (AS) payable in respect of the various categories of membership are as follows for the 2023 year.


  • Individual / Club Life Members R600

  • Family Members R900

  • Family Members - Partners R0

  • Family Members - Children R0

  • Youth Members - Under 19 R120

  • Youth Tertiary Members - Under 19 R150

  • Intermediate Members - Tertiary Under 30 R180

  • Intermediate Members - Under 30 R300

  • Social Family Members - R240

  • Social Members - R90

  • Development Members - R30

  • Radio Sailing - R240

  • Exempt - SA Sailing Life Members - R0

  • Exempt - Members 70 and older - R0

Any queries on SAS membership can be directed to our club representative for SA Sailing :